Randa going acid for first spawn, randa during first spawn in general

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Randa going acid for first spawn, randa during first spawn in general

Post  JWhatever on Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:16 am

I also want some opinions on randa going acid for first spawn when on defence. Something that radium used to do in ladder and what I've picked up lately.
Basic idea is this: You can be more beneficial for your team as an acid than as a randa. It relies on you hitting most if not everyone in the enemy team with your acid and getting yourself killed in the process.

The pros are obvious. You set up easy kills and force the enemy to move and react.
However, if you don't die quick enough, you might end up smoking and horribly out of position. It is also easy to miss the acid and thus you'd be giving a free kill for the enemy and making your team outnumbered.

The team would also lose the mobility of randa when contesting common powerups.

An aggressive way of playing randa would be full on attack on the enemy ball carrier. This is something that Mystery does. If the enemy ball carrier is not protected, it's possible to single hit kill it and steal the ball.
I don't think this is a viable option in clan games if the teams are well organized. The team on offense should be aware of the randa and make sure it can't one hit kill the carrier. It works in ladder where people may ignore the flanking randa.

The way I play randa is that I go for remote powerups and try to snipe lights and smoking planes. I don't necessary aim for the ball carrier if I can see an easier target.
That is whenever I don't go acid.

I kinda get the feeling that going acid is most potent when you do it erratically, like once or twice during the whole game. It works well when you can catch the team off guard. Question is, do you think it would work against teams like ball and BBQ?
There's also the option for one of our other planes going acid for first spawn, eg one of the emps. (if we're running 2 emps. I wouldn't trade our only emp to acid if we had only 1)



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Re: Randa going acid for first spawn, randa during first spawn in general

Post  Fartso on Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:58 am

I do this on occasion (rarely) in ladder too. Like you said it can effective during certain situations, maybe like against a team that pushes really hard together at the spawn like BBQ. That being said I personally generally find starting as a rands more effective. While it's true that most good teams won't let you flank their randa, if you know what you're doing you can still snipe them better than if you're an acid (using the ball symbol as a marker). This usually forces them to pass to a teammate, so then the question is are you doing a good enough job of damaging the rest of their team. I think something we should work on is damaging as much of the enemy team as possible at the spawn, because when everyone tries to target the randa things generally go to shit

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